Do’s & Don’ts for Marketing During COVID-19

Over the past couple of months, COVID-19 has impacted our lives in unprecedented ways. The virus is having a huge impact on how consumers shop, consume media and goods, and marketers need to figure out how to communicate with people during this time. 

At this moment, keeping your customers informed and engaged is more important than ever. For some guidance, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to follow when reassessing your digital marketing plan amid the Coronavirus

DO: Include digital advertising in your crisis management plan

COVID-19 is our current crisis but it surely won’t be our last. Even well-known brands were not prepared for the impact this disease would have on businesses and the new way on how consumers behave. If your company needs to get Coronavirus-related content out as fast as possible, use paid tactics to distribute your information quickly.

Boosting an article that communicates news about store closures, delivery restrictions, other information or important news can ensure that your audience will see your message immediately.

In addition to sponsored content being distributed to a wide audience, you can also use custom advertising strategies to target exactly who you want your article to go to, whether it’s by gender, age or location.

DON’T: Ignore your social media because of the crisis

While most of our newsfeeds are bombarded with news about COVID-19, that doesn’t mean that you need to stop your own social posts and updates. The entire world is stuck at home. Social media usage is through the roof, and people are hungry for useful or entertaining content perhaps now more than ever. 

Align with a cause or community initiative. Now’s a great time for brands to align with non-profits or community groups to do some good in the world. Make these engagements the focus of your social media content.

DO: Grow your presence through owned media

If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and ad spend is a factor, consider refocusing some of your efforts onto your owned media, such as blogs, emails, and organic SEO. Do some keyword research on the top searched terms and phrases for your industry and its applications and inject those keywords into the content you produce. Take advantage of the fact that people are at home and online by delivering engaging content through email marketing campaigns. If you don’t already have one, now is a great opportunity to create a robust content marketing plan.

DON’T: Assume your audience is consuming content the same way they always have

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping most people worldwide at home, media consumption is up. With more time on our hands and a need for stimulation, we are all consuming more video content — and longer-form content is doing particularly well.

Multiple researches show that over 80% of consumers in the U.S. and Australia consume more content since the outbreak, with broadcast TV and online videos (YouTube, TikTok) being the primary mediums across all generations and genders. Unsurprisingly, consumers are seeking out pandemic updates online over any other activity.

DO revisit your creative often

Watch, listen, and learn to continually update your creative and messaging to meet the demands of the changing market. Try to be authentic and create more unique video content. We’re seeing many top brands being nimble in making necessary changes to their creative and messaging. Make sure the ad and copy provide useful information for safety, prevention, health, or services.
We hope these “dos and don’ts” provide some actionable thought starters to think through your advertising strategy. If you need help to boost your digital advertising during COVID-19, let’s have a chat about how we can get through these times together. Contact us here.